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September 11, 2019

You Know What You Want; Saving Will Get You There

Whether you’re saving for a vacation or a home that makes you never want to take a vacation, the new Savings Goals feature in online and mobile banking is here to help.* This tool can help you set goals, save money and track your progress toward a new car, college tuition, your dream wedding and so much more!

Once you log in to Grow online and mobile banking, navigate to the Savings Goals widget and select New Goal. You’ll be asked to give your goal a name, categorize it and set a dollar amount you’re planning to save.

Saving money toward your goal is simple. Just select the Add Funds button and choose the amount you’d like to transfer to your savings account and which account you’d like to use to fund the transfer.

Then watch your progress as you go from $0 all the way to your goal! It’s that easy.

*Additional data charges may apply when using apps. Please see your wireless carrier for more information.

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