Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
October 10, 2019

CardManager App: Manage. Control. Secure Against Card Fraud.

Criminals are getting smarter when it comes to stealing and using your credit and debit card information.

Did you make that $150 charge at a gas station in Idaho while you were also grocery shopping in Brandon? Of course not. That type of card fraud was relatively easy for you (and us) to identify. Today, criminals make an effort to only use stolen card information in the geographic location where you live. They do this in the hope that their fraudulent activity won’t be detected by you, or us.

As fraudsters get smarter, we want to equip you with the tools you need to outsmart the criminals. The Grow CardManager App is a separate download for both Apple and Android devices that brings additional features specifically designed to help you manage, control and secure your cards against fraud.*

Secure yourself and your cards with the following features available through this app:

1. Card Controls: Not using your card right now? Turn if off today after you swipe for lunch from within the app and back on tomorrow morning before you swipe for coffee.
2. Instant alerts: Set notifications about card activity for greater protection against fraudulent activity or misuse of your card.
3. Real-Time Transaction History: Review your transactions in real time. See something that doesn’t look right? Report it right away instead of waiting for your next statement.

Victimized? Call 800.839.6328.

Spotted early, card fraud is nothing more than a hassle and can be fixed with a call to our Member Contact Center. We’ll close out your old card, issue a new one and when it arrives, change your PIN, just to be on the safer side.

*Additional data charges may apply. Please see your wireless carrier for more information.

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