Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
July 11, 2018

Matt Wade, Summer Intern

When you love numbers like Matt Wade, you excel in math and science courses. But Matt finds a challenge in Armwood High School’s Academy of Finance Program. The program includes four years of finance courses that he is fitting into three years while also participating in the DECA business competitions and other extracurricular activities.

“My favorite subject in school is math, and a lot of the things I participate in are numbers related,” Matt said. “With the academy, I get to go really in depth in my course study.”

The Academy of Finance also requires students to complete an internship in the financial industry, which is what brought Matt to Grow Financial. He has spent six weeks of the summer with Grow’s underwriting team learning all about loans and the lending process. Throughout that time, Matt has seen how the classroom connects to the workplace.

“This internship is showing me how I can apply the knowledge from school to real life,” Matt said. “Math knowledge and reasoning skills can apply to something that’s not centered in math, but incorporates some aspect of it.”

Matt hasn’t made his college choice or decided what his future will hold, but he is keeping his options open. Even underwriting is on the table now that he’s gained some valuable experience in the field.

“I’m definitely thinking more about maybe pursuing underwriting as a career option,” Matt said. “I’m getting real world experience in a real job force, so I’ll keep it on the table.”

With his passion for math, Matt Wade would be an excellent addition to the financial industry.

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