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We're All In This Together

At Grow, we do more than provide financial services to our members. Our employees and members rely on one another to improve the quality of life for us all. The Grow Financial Foundation was established to support these efforts by providing funds and volunteers for local causes. It’s a private, non-profit organization, with 100% of its funds donated to organizations working in alignment with its mission: to encourage and support the health and wellness of individuals and organizations within the communities the credit union serves through financial, educational, social, physical and mental health strategies.

How Can We Help You?

The Foundation’s Board of Directors will consider applications from all 501(c)(3) organizations whose mission, purpose, and activities align with the Foundation’s mission. In short, we ask that your organization:

  • Is capable of meeting the community wellness goals described in our mission statement
  • Be in existence and in good standing for at least two years
  • Have specific goals with measurable results
  • Operate within the five-county area of West Central Florida (Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, and Manatee counties) or Columbia/Charleston, SC.
  • Be in compliance with local, state and federal anti-discrimination laws

Please be aware that we do not provide funding for endowment campaigns, individuals or individual projects (we do, however, provide funding for organizations that support individuals), religious organizations, political causes or candidates, or reducing or liquidating debt. We invite you to read our eligibility requirements.

2022 Funding Request

Grow Financial Foundation

* Are You A 501(c)(3)?

If yes, then proceed. If no, please see our eligibility requirements.

* Have You Been Operating For At Least 2 Years?

If yes, then proceed. If no, please see our eligibility requirements.
Please specify a date that is at least 90 days from today’s date. We cannot review any requests that are not within this time frame.

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