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Throughout West Central Florida and the Columbia/Charleston areas of South Carolina, our professional Real Estate Loan Officers are uniquely dedicated to helping members buy the home of their dreams. They’re with you every step of the way from the time you apply for your mortgage to the moment you turn the key and step into your home.


View Profile Diane Anthony

Diane Anthony

Loan Officer

Office: 813.837.2451, ext. 2454
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 585343

View Profile Heidi Hackney

Heidi Hackney

Loan Officer

Office: 813.837.2451, ext. 4608
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 689671

View Profile Ana Shorter

Ana Shorter

Loan Officer

Office: 813.837.2451, ext. 2158
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 1596460

View Profile Brian Skinner

Brian Skinner

Loan Officer

Office: 813.837.2451, ext. 2151
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 1142288

View Profile Michel Souta

Michel Souta

Loan Officer

Office: 813.837.2451, ext. 4407
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 1024492

View Profile Naomi Tillman

Naomi Tillman

Loan Officer

Office: 813.837.2451, ext. 3103
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 756379

South Carolina

View Profile Heather Sprowls

Heather Sprowls

Loan Officer

Office: 803.705.3121, ext. 6205
Email: [email protected]
NMLS# 239459