Grow Financial Federal Credit Union

Additional Services

We Can Help Keep Your Business Moving

Money. It’s the lifeblood of your business. And keeping customer payments moving keeps your business moving, too. Grow and our partner TSYS Merchant Solutions™1 can help with just that. They’re a leading provider of processing solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Your customers pay how they want—in person, online or mobile. TSYS Merchant Solutions protects against fraud and returned checks. So you take care of your customers. We’ll take care of getting you paid.

Go Ahead. Set Up Shop Online.

Doing business online is like setting up shop in the busiest part of town. Sure, it’s a lot just keeping up with the people who actually walk through your door, but if you want to grab even more customers, Grow and our partner TSYS Merchant Solutions™1 can show you how. That way, whether your customers are real or virtual, you still make the sale. Interested in learning more about TSYS Merchant Solutions? Get started by filling out the form on their website.

Paying Your Employees Shouldn’t Be Its Own Job

Among all the other great reasons to be a business member of Grow, there’s one you may have overlooked: we offer exclusive discounts on ADP® services.2 Companies large and small use ADP® because they’re great at what they do—managing payroll, taxes, and HR. That means less paperwork for you so you can get back to the other side of your business—bringing money in. ADP® gives you:

  • Payroll management with flexible payment options, real-time online processing, instant payroll review and general ledger interface
  • Secure online access and reports
  • Tax deposit and filing
  • State unemployment insurance management
  • New hire reporting
  • HR compliance database
  • Comprehensive HR support, hiring to separation

1TSYS Merchant Solutions is not an affiliate of Grow Financial Federal Credit

2ADP® is not an affiliate of Grow Financial Federal Credit Union.