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Good Grows Around

Here at Grow, we put our profits back into benefits for our members and community. Why? Because we believe the money, time and emotion you spend should come back to you.

Grow is a credit union, not a bank. That means we always put people first, and never profit. We’re dedicated to helping you grow through life, when you’re buying your first home, improving your credit score, building your business and so much more.

We all grow better together. Learn more about all a credit union like Grow has to offer by watching our video and at the link below.

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Portraits of Kindness

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we believe a picture of kind words is priceless. To show we all grow better together, we’re honoring good deeds happening throughout our community with personalized story portraits. Each story portrait highlights a community member who lent a hand, paid it forward or showed kindness in any other way. It’s our way of showing that the good that you do grows back to you.

Maya Brown Portrait

Featured Story: Maya Brown

As told by 7th + Grove

Maya Brown has been such a light to 7th + Grove. She’s been there since day one, and she saved us during the pandemic. When businesses weren’t fully open, Maya consistently informed us about the ever-changing legislation. Almost every day, we would hear something new about what we could or couldn’t do. It was challenging to sift through the legal jargon and understand how it affected what we should do as a business. We were in a tight situation, and Maya campaigned for us. She acted as a consultant and liaison to city council commissioners, talked to lawyers on our behalf, and saved our business from potentially being closed.

When we think of somebody who has been kind to us, who has been generous and gentle, and is loving and leads with their heart, we think of Maya Brown.

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Share Your Story

Share Your Story

Grow Financial invites you to share a story relating to how someone showed you kindness that had a profound impact on your life. To help us bring your story to life, please submit a portrait image of yourself or the person the story is about. High resolution images are preferred.

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