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April 6, 2018

Celebrate Earth Day

You can plant your Dahoon Holly tree just about anywhere. This beautiful evergreen can reach up to 20-40 feet tall and spread up to 8-12 feet wide. It grows well in full sun to partial shade and can grow on a variety of soils but thrives on moist soils.

Get your Dahoon Holly tree at any Grow Financial store on Thursday and Friday, April 19-20.* Keep reading for important planting instructions and tips for caring for your tree.

Planting Instructions:
1. You want to check on your tree’s roots. If the roots are circling around the root ball, cut them so they are straight.
2. Now it’s time to plant your tree. Create a hole at least 1.5 times the width of the root ball and deep enough to where the root ball is just above the level of the soil.
3. Then fill in the hole. You want to press the soil firmly, but not compact it.
4. Water is the next step, and it’s a big one! Pour enough water over the root ball to make sure there are no air spaces around the roots.
5. Before you’re done, apply a 3-inch layer of soil or mulch up to the edge of the root ball. Do not put soil or mulch over the root ball. For trees this size, mulch should be applied at a minimum of 8 feet in diameter.

Caring for Your Tree:
1. Don’t forget to remove grass and weeds in planted and mulched areas on a regular basis.
2. It can be hard to know exactly when to water your plants. Irrigate or water your tree with 2-3 gallons daily for 2 weeks, every other day for 2 months, and weekly until established or about 3-4 months after you plant it.
3. Pay attention to the weather! Never water the root ball if the soil is already saturated.

*While supplies last. Limit five trees per household.

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