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Grow Financial team members stand with donation check to Seeds of Hope
November 13, 2020

Grow Financial Foundation Donates to Seeds of Hope

Food insecurity is on the rise due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, so what better way to help out than to donate to a local food pantry? Thanks to Wendy Melton, lead corporate developer at Grow, the Grow Financial Foundation was able to make a $2,500 difference for the Seeds of Hope food bank in Brandon, Florida.

Nourishing hope through community service is the motto of Seeds of Hope and is exactly how Melton and her family got involved with the organization. Melton and her teenage son, Logan, were looking for a place where he could volunteer his time in a way that was meaningful and more than just meeting a requirement for school. A good friend suggested Seeds of Hope which has a dual mission to provide community service hours that not only touch the lives of people who are struggling but also touch the hearts of local students, which may spark an interest in lifelong pursuits of volunteer opportunities. It was the perfect fit.

Logan has been volunteering since the summer and has helped with sorting and distributing food to over 400 families right in his community through the Seeds of Hope Backpacks of Hope program, weekly food distribution days and mobile food pantry. He was also instrumental in coordinating the annual back to school drive this year.

Knowing that the need for food has only gotten greater during the pandemic and already familiar with the mission of Seeds of Hope, Melton immediately thought they might be a good fit for the Grow Financial Foundation. She reached out to Leda Eaton at Seeds of Hope and offered the application for funds from the Grow Financial Foundation.

Upon review of the Seeds of Hope application, the Grow Financial Foundation board allocated $2,500 to donate to the organization. Melton was so excited to have been able to help get this money to an organization that means so much to her family.

“Being able to play a part in getting this $2,500 that will feed 250 families for a week and knowing that my son will be helping with that distribution was very rewarding. We’ve truly enjoyed working with Seeds of Hope and Logan recently shared with me his thoughts on volunteering, ‘I’ve found that being directly involved with giving the food out to the needy families has been so much more fulfilling than simply donating cans of food. I appreciate the simple things at home now,’ and I couldn’t be prouder!” Melton said.

In light of the challenging times we’re all facing, the Grow Financial Foundation is especially proud to give back to our local community. Eaton’s thoughts echo the mission of the Grow Financial Foundation and help them stay true to their goal to spread kindness:

“Giving back and keeping the money in the community just feels like the right thing to do. It’s truly pure, and I love it.”

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