Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
March 12, 2018

Grow Financial Hosts Free Credit Seminar

Sometimes credit can seem just a little too complex, so Grow Financial hosted a free seminar on building strong credit at the Gandy store last week.

Seminar guests had the opportunity to learn more about what makes up a credit score as well as how to improve their scores. Christen Burden, market manager, led the seminar and is passionate about empowering Grow members and non-members to make better financial decisions.

“Knowledge is power and by providing an educational service, we are equipping people with tools that will benefit their financial health,” Burden said.

At the seminar, guests were also able to ask questions and interact with the team members who serve them at the Gandy store.

“The seminars provide an open forum to guests to ask specific questions concerning their credit needs and also learn from one another,” Burden said. “The seminars create the space and ability for us to build stronger relationships with our members and non-members.”

Several more Grow Financial stores will be hosting credit seminars in the next few weeks. Visit our Facebook page to find out when there will be a seminar in your area.

Hey, money matters, so come learn how to do more with what you’ve got!

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