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March 29, 2018

Grow Financial Volunteers at YMCA READS!

Reading can change children’s lives. Volunteers from the Grow Financial Foundation visited Sulphur Springs Community School to spend time with students as part of the local YMCA READS! program, coordinated in part by grants manager Ali Hollenbeck.

“This program helps kids read, which is the foundation of all learning and the path to get out of systemic poverty,” Hollenbeck said. “It’s amazing when we have kids who come in not being able to recognize all 26 letters of the alphabet and leave reading on grade level.”

YMCA READS! allows everyday people to help students learn to read and spell words, sentences and stories. The program is designed to help close the gap in students’ reading performance and the State of Florida’s reading performance expectations. But it also opens young eyes and minds to a world full of growth and possibility.

The Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA hosts this program for students in kindergarten through third grade at three area elementary schools: Pizzo Elementary, Sulphur Springs Community School and Twin Lakes Elementary.

Grow Financial is proud to support this cause making a difference for children. Community service at Grow Financial is facilitated by employees under the Grow Financial Foundation, furthering the organization’s mission of service by contributing funds and volunteers for local charitable causes. Khenh Vong, Grow Financial Foundation board member, was a part of the YMCA READS! team.

“We want to make an impact on the community and a program like YMCA READS! is doing great things for underprivileged children and families,” Vong said. “The Grow Financial Foundation is thrilled to contribute to an initiative that helps families thrive.”

Interested in serving as a volunteer in your community? By volunteering two hours a week as a YMCA READS! mentor, you can teach a child to read. Visit to learn more.

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