Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
November 26, 2019

Don’t Fall Victim to Common Scams This Holiday Season

This holiday season, maintain your security and peace of mind. Fraud and scams happen throughout the year but tend to increase during the holidays. Fraudsters take advantage of consumers’ goodwill, the increase in spending and the decrease of reviewing accounts closely. Don’t fall victim to common scams by implementing the following tips:

Shopping ’til you drop?

Conduct all your online shopping through a secure Wi-Fi network only. Sending financial details like credit card info on public networks is risky business! Monitor your bank account and credit card statements on a regular basis to look for unauthorized transactions.

Going somewhere?

Set up geolocation on the Grow CardManager App to allow for easier travel and quick transaction alerts for better monitoring.* Think twice before posting travel plans on social media. With location check-ins and tags, it’s easier than you might think for others to keep track of when you’re away. Leaving town? Consider using a timer for your lights or other nifty gadgets to make it look like someone’s home. Reduce burglary risk by keeping your presents under wraps and not left in front of a window or otherwise visible from the outside. Avoid porch pirates! Have a trusted neighbor pick up your mail and remove packages from the doorstep while you’re away.

Feeling charitable?

Phishers can make very convincing spam links to get your information by pretending to be charities, taking advantage of your goodwill during the holidays. Never click links in unsolicited emails. Always search for the website directly to make sure you’re on the real site when donating money to a charity or conducting any other financial transaction. Avoid giving out your personal or payment information to individuals or companies that contact you directly. Call the number provided on the organization’s website to verify legitimacy of emails or other offers. Grow Financial and other legitimate affiliated companies will never ask you for your PIN, login password or social security number via email. If you see suspicious activity on your account or receive any suspicious phone calls, please call us at 800.839.6328.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

*Additional data charges may apply. Please see your wireless carrier for more information.

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