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A Better Banking Experience.

By better, we mean more. A whole lot more ways to manage your money easily. Securely. And absolutely completely. So, what can Grow Online Banking do? The real questions, what can't it do? Here's our list of the Top Five Highlights:

Free Credit Score
Yeah, free. If you've got a loan with us or do your shopping with a Grow Visa® credit card, your current credit score is right there for you to see. Click here to learn more about the "My Credit Score" feature.

Add Alerts
Set up instant text and e-mail alerts to monitor your account activity, like log-ins to your account, purchases charged to your Grow cards, deposits, or for reminders to make payments to any of your Grow loans.

Multiple Account Access
Wondering where the kids are spending your money? Wonder no more. Now, you'll know with access to all of the Grow accounts in your household with a single log-in.

Smart Phone Security Registration
Get instant notices via text or e-mail so you'll always know what's happening with your money, like deposits to your accounts and purchases charged to your Grow Visa® cards. Or set up reminders to make payments to any of your Grow loans.

Rush Loan Payment
Uh oh. Payment coming due on a Grow loan? Rush it thru the day it's due and stay on track.

Like we said, this just our list of the top five features, the tip of the iceberg. To see everything Grow Online Banking has to offer, login today.

Don't have an online banking account?
We offer three different ways to sign up for Online Banking:

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