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July 12, 2018

Katrina Got a Car

Katrina Stevenson is many things: actor, teacher, costume designer, aerial performer… The list goes on and on. But the common thread expertly sewn through Katrina’s many hats is a love of theater.

“Theater transforms us,” Katrina said. “You rarely enter a theater and leave a theater the same person. Something happens. Sometimes it really is just I had a good time for two and a half hours and I left everything outside. Sometimes it can make you think or feel pain or see things from a different point of view.”

Most recently, Katrina helped transport audiences to 1930s Ireland as a character in “Dancing at Lughnasa” hosted at the Straz Center’s Shimberg Playhouse by the Jobsite Theater. In addition to her acting role, Katrina also did the costumes for the show, making many of the outfits—including her own—from scratch. Her talent and passion make her work look effortless.

Sharing that passion through teaching is one way Katrina gives back to the community. With an MFA in acting from the University of Florida and a BA in theatre arts from the University of Northern Colorado and a wealth of real-world experience, Katrina has plenty to share with her acting and costume design students at St. Petersburg College.

“It is wonderful to teach,” Katrina said. “It is invigorating for my own art to teach it to others and to start at the beginning to break it down to its most basic forms. You give young people tools and they will find skills and talent and dedication in themselves I’m not sure they had.”

While she clearly has many talents, Katrina admits finances aren’t her forte. For help in that department, she turns to her friends at Grow Financial for advice and support, especially when it was time for her to find a new car.

“Every time I’ve had a question, it has been so easy,” Katrina said. “When I was applying for a car loan, I had never done that before. I needed a new car, so I called Grow and I’m like, ‘Hey, I have no idea what I’m doing. Help me out.’ They walked me through the entire process.”

A few answers later, Katrina was able to complete all the necessary paperwork, secure financing, and find the perfect new-to-her car. And that car is more than just a set of wheels. It allows Katrina to travel across the Tampa Bay area to keep all her balls in the air.

“For this area and for the work that I do, which is freelancing all over Tampa Bay, I have to have a car to get where I need to go,” Katrina said. “I need to be able to haul costumes, pick stuff up or take 50 suits to the dry cleaners. It would not be possible to do what I do without my car. I’m so grateful that I have that.”

Although getting around Tampa Bay may require a little more effort, it’s not a place Katrina intends to leave. She loves being a part of this community, just like her friends at Grow.

“I didn’t make the conscious decision to build my life in this community, but it happened,” Katrina said. “Every couple of years I ask myself if I want to leave or go someplace else, and the answer is no. I can’t imagine a situation that would now take me away.”

Grow Financial is here to support Katrina Stevenson and all members in the Tampa Bay community.

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