Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
July 3, 2018

Jove Morisset, Summer Intern

Jove Morisset may have started arguing with her little brother, but someday she’ll be arguing the case. As a senior in Jefferson High School’s Academy of Finance Program, she is learning anything she can that may prepare her for college, law school and her future career owning her own law firm.

“Law is just something I fell in love with at a young age and I’ve been pursuing it ever since,” Jove said.

Where does she get that drive? Well, Jove would tell you two of her greatest strengths are her competitive spirit and her desire to achieve. She finds an outlet for both in the Academy of Finance. Part of the academy includes competing in the DECA program, which led her to the international competition in Atlanta, Georgia, this past year. Even landing the academy’s required internship with Grow Financial was an achievement worth celebrating.

“I’m always trying to achieve a goal,” Jove said. “Getting this internship is an accomplishment I’m really proud of because you have to apply and be better than your competition.”

But Jove is never done looking for another challenge. Next up she’ll be interviewing for the CEO position at a mock business she’ll be working with during a senior project through the academy. She is confident that the knowledge she has gained through the real-world experience she’s had at Grow will help her secure her spot.

After that, there’ll be college applications, acing collegiate classes and aiming for law school. It’s all in a day’s work for Jove, but if one thing is for sure, it’s that she’s going to take what she’s learned at Grow wherever she goes.

“I’ve learned more about how to be responsible with money,” Jove said. “That will be helpful as I go into college and am on my own. I’ll be in charge of my own finances, one step to being responsible and being in the real world by yourself.”

Jove knows what it takes to find success in the real world, and she’s headed straight for it.

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