Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
June 21, 2018

Semahn Montoute, Summer Intern

While Semahn Montoute definitely dresses for greatness each day of his internship with Grow Financial, there is more to him than just what meets the eye.

For instance, although he has lived in Brandon, Florida, for his entire life, he has been to more foreign countries than the average adult, and he’s only a senior in high school. Semahn’s mother is originally from Botswana and his father is from Trinidad and Tobago, so they’ve made a point to expose him to a variety of other cultures. An extensive travel log gives Semahn a different perspective than his peers, one that allows him to understand and relate to others.

“I am more open minded because of the experiences I’ve had in the past, especially traveling the world,” Semahn said. “I can connect with people who have different views than me.”

Beyond that, Semahn is also a talented student-athlete. As a student, he is a part of the Academy of Finance and DECA, gaining business knowledge and experience to prepare him for his future. As an athlete, he runs track and leads his soccer team as a goalkeeper. Even sports teach Semahn skills necessary for success—responsibility, dedication and leadership.

“When it comes to sports, you have to be a leader to your teammates,” Semahn said. “You want to get better and help your teammates get better as a family. Also in the workplace, like here at Grow, you’re a family.”

Semahn is using the skills he already has as well as gaining some new ones during his internship with Grow. His home base is in the real estate department, but he also has the opportunity to shadow other departments across the organization to expand his general financial knowledge. He’s enjoying his experience so much, he might even decide to come back one day.

“I could come back and get a job here someday because Grow is a really nice place to work,” Semahn said.

So what does Semahn really want to do with his life? Well, he plans to become a stock broker, and don’t worry… He’s already getting some experience investing. After learning all about stocks from his older brother a few years ago, Semahn decided to get started on his own, and he’s turning a profit on his investments.

Whatever he decides to pursue, Semahn Montoute is headed for greatness.

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