Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
December 12, 2018

Credit Unions: Where You and Your Money Belong

Maybe you’ve seen our colorful billboards around town with the slogan, “We Serve People. Not Profit.” To us, it’s more than a slogan. It’s what we’re all about, and why credit unions are different from banks.

A Sense of Family.

Credit unions live by the philosophy of “people helping people.” We’re financial cooperatives where members come together for the good of everyone, and each individual is an owner in equal standing, regardless of the amount of money on deposit. This really makes a credit union more like a family. We’re in this together and together is how we grow.

People First.

Banks are driven by the need to earn profits for their shareholders, and customers are seen as the way to get there. Because credit unions are member-centric, we see beyond the value of your money to see the value in you, which explains why credit unions are known for personal service. People matter to us, as people.

More for Your Money.

It all still comes down to money and you want to make the most of what you’ve got. Credit unions are the better deal, generally offering higher rates on savings accounts, lower rates on loans and credit cards, and fewer fees. Why? Because we don’t need to make the profits banks do, so that’s money back to you.

Better. Not Bigger.

Yes, the big banks have a national reach credit unions can’t touch, but we match that with a shared network of ATMs across the country, as well as mobile and online banking services. And because we’re local, we’re connected to the communities we serve, involved in supporting causes important to our neighbors. What banks can’t touch is our human touch.

Okay, we’re a little biased. Like most Grow members, you probably have accounts with banks in addition to your accounts with us, and that’s all good. You’re always welcome here. Here, you belong.

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