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May 6, 2024

Business Member Highlight: Meet Folklore Film Co.

Stories are powerful. They can connect, inspire and resonate on a profound level. That’s the idea behind Tampa-based video production company, Folklore Film Co. We had the pleasure of interviewing our business member Dylan Melcher, founder of Folklore, to learn more about his story.

What’s the story behind Folklore Film Co.?

Established in 2016, Folklore was founded around a simple yet important idea: to create films that entertain while remaining rooted in originality and creative storytelling. Melcher said, “Folklore first started kind of as a side hustle. I was working in ad agencies at the time, but I wanted an outlet to do some passion projects for video and really creative work. I was interested in the environmental space, so with Folklore, I focused on creating authentic stories that had to do with the outdoors and the environment.”

Their work centers on a commitment to three main principles: be meaningful, be honest and be consistent. At the heart of their mission is a dedication to authenticity.

Melcher chose the name Folklore Film to symbolize the timeless essence of stories and traditions transcending generations — a harmonious fit for a company centered around authentic storytelling.

“I think storytelling is key. As the industry changes and AI becomes a thing, there are a lot of people doing video production now, which I think is a good thing. But storytelling will always rise to the top. We’re trying to focus on telling good stories and being honest and authentic as much as possible.”

What’s the connection between Folklore and Tampa?

A Tampa native himself, Melcher talked about the importance of sharing local stories and building up local markets rather than just founding businesses in the sought-after markets of New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. After living in New York City for a while, he ultimately returned to Tampa because of the ample opportunities for local stories and his desire to support the growth of Tampa businesses. He said, “We’ve made it a thing — all of us local filmmakers, storytellers, writers and sound engineers — to really focus on Seminole Heights, our neighborhood, and try to make films within a two-mile radius. You don’t need to take your talents out of town to do some better work. You can do it right here locally.”

Another important component of Melcher’s business model is hiring local talent. Folklore employs a local team of staff and designs projects in a way that maximizes local support. “For example, today, we’re working with a local automotive dealership, we have a local crew, and we’re in a local studio. I think that’s important to build up Tampa as a strong market.”

Why did you choose a local credit union for business banking?

As a local business ourselves, we aim to support small business owners through personalized business banking, so of course we loved hearing about Melcher’s positive experience with Grow Financial. He shared, “In 2016, I knew I wanted to try to find a credit union because of what it stood for. I walked [into the Grow Hyde Park store] and didn’t really know what I was doing. And just right away, there was a really positive vibe talking with the different team members. It’s just kind of like a friendly neighborhood spot every time I walk in.”

More recently, we had the opportunity to help Melcher get his first commercial loan for a business vehicle. “I reached out to Grow, and they put me in touch with their business manager. Right away, I had her phone number, and I was able to text her with questions. The whole process took, like, three days. Working with a Grow business manager really demystified the whole situation of how to get a commercial loan.”

Thank you for the feedback, Dylan, and for sharing your story with us! To learn more about Folklore Film Co., visit

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