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June 12, 2018

Meet Ann Cox Design

Inspired interiors by Ann Cox Design is a family affair. Growing up, Ann Cox got to watch her mom in the interior design business, and now they’re in business together.

“Beyond my mom being an interior designer, I used to run a community-based art gallery,” Cox said. “I did that for a year, and I liked organizing it, finding the artists, installing everything. So I thought okay, I’m going to try interior design.”

But Cox didn’t run straight to a start up. Instead she went to work for a well-known furniture store and not long after began receiving awards as one of their top performers. It was those awards that helped her realize what she really wanted was to do the same work but for herself. She slowly transitioned from full-time employment to part-time so she could work on building her own interior design business, and then she finally just decided to make the leap.

“I got one really good project, and I said I can do this on my own and I just left,” Cox said. “That’s how it started. I couldn’t have been luckier, but I know that I did build it myself.”

What she built was Ann Cox Design, a now two year old interior design company. Cox and her mom run three sections to the business: new builds, renovation projects and furniture design. New builds and renovation include working with all types of clients from builders working on new homes they intend to sell, to clients moving into their first home, to clients who have been living in their dream home for years. Ann Cox Design also functions as a furniture store without a brick and mortar location, allowing them to provide custom pieces to their clients.

Offering a customized design that fits each client’s style and the best possible customer service are Cox’s top priorities. Since she works with a wide range of people, she gets to design a variety of special spaces in an effort to bring their dreams to life.

“I don’t leave unless the client is happy,” Cox said. “I’m still working if there is something not quite perfect or their expectations haven’t been met in some way.”

As Cox impacts more and more clients, her business continues to grow. But she’s not satisfied. The last two years have featured constant learning, improving processes and trying to be more service oriented, and the future looks about the same.

“I feel like Ann Cox Design is successful at this two year mark,” Cox said. “I have only more goals for myself. I’m hoping next year I grow even more. I think there’s always room for improvement, and you only learn that by doing.”

Grow Financial is proud to support members like Ann Cox Design. Ready to have her style your home? Visit to learn how and see some of her inspiring work.

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