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Grow Financial Foundation board members pose with donated necessities for back to school
October 13, 2020

Grow Financial Foundation Donates Necessities for Back to School

Summer has ended, another back-to-school season is in the books, and although it may have looked a bit different this year, the Grow Financial Foundation found a way to help kids in our Florida and South Carolina market areas start the year off with necessities for back to school.

The Grow Financial Foundation was once again overwhelmed by the generosity of our members and team members and astonished by the volume of donations received during the summer Undies and Diaper Drive. Close to 9,000 diapers were donated to Babycycle Diaper Bank in Florida and Lowcountry Orphan Relief in South Carolina, and a substantial donation of underwear was made to Clothes to Kids in Florida and again to Lowcountry Orphan Relief.

Why undies and diapers?

You may not immediately connect the back-to-school season with diapers, but according to the National Diaper Bank Network, children who participate in early childhood education are almost three times more likely to go on to higher education. Without basic necessities for back to school like diapers and underwear, many kids are unable to participate in these early childhood education programs that are the foundation of their future.

Three Organizations, One Common Mission

Each of these distinct organizations may serve a different geographical location, but they share a similar mission to serve the needs of children in their local communities through providing essential resources, including diapers and clothing.

Babycycle Diaper Bank’s mission is for no child to go without necessities like diapers, wipes, clean clothing and other basic items. Serving low-income children aged 0 to 12 in Pinellas County, Florida, they’re part of the National Diaper Bank Network, which aims to support the 1 in 3 U.S. families who experience diaper need.

Jordan Kendle, a Real Estate Loan Officer at Grow, has been very involved with Babycycle over the past several years and was excited to see the Grow Financial Foundation and our members and team members come together to support an organization so close to her heart.

“It has been so nice building the relationship with Jillia at Babycycle as we join forces to give back to those in need. I was raised in a single-parent household and know what a significant impact organizations like Babycycle have on those families in need,” she shared.

Clothes to Kids envisions a community in which every school-age child has quality clothing so that he or she may attend school with the confidence and self-esteem needed to achieve academic success. This year, there’s been a growing need for underwear for kids of all ages. So that’s exactly what was collected.

Lowcountry Orphan Relief provides support services and aid to meet the needs of Lowcountry children identified as at-risk or suffering from abandonment, abuse or neglect. Both the diapers and underwear will make a significant impact in support of their vision that no child should be without the basic necessities in life, regardless of their life circumstances.

The Grow Financial Foundation is proud to support organizations like these in their efforts to serve the community and to make a difference in the lives of so many children. You can learn more about the Grow Financial Foundation and their mission here.

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