Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
October 3, 2018

Grow Financial Hosts Ribbon Cutting Ceremony in New Tampa

Grow Financial hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the newly renovated store at 17315 Dona Michelle Drive in New Tampa on Wednesday, October 3. Guests at the event included Grow team members and business leaders from the community, like Hope Allen, President and CEO of the North Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce.

“This is by far our favorite thing to do—come out and celebrate at ribbon cuttings,” Allen said. “Thank you for reinvesting in our community.”

The New Tampa location was renovated to include an operations center with employees from the member contact center, real estate, information technology and more. Not only is this a more efficient use of the 6,000 square feet of space, but according to Chief Retail Officer Jason Moss, it provided opportunities for employees who were commuting to headquarters to work closer to home.

“For folks who live in this community, instead of commuting an hour and a half down in the mornings or afternoon to Brandon, now they can pick up their kids and spend time with their families,” Moss said. “That’s what really matters to us.”

Stop by and see the Grow team at the store in New Tampa whenever you’re in the area!

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