Grow Financial Federal Credit Union
January 9, 2020

Introducing Our New CEO, Thomas Feindt

As we’re welcoming a new year, we’re also welcoming a new CEO at Grow Financial. On January 2, Thomas Feindt officially took the wheel as CEO of the credit union.

Since 2011, Feindt served as executive vice president of Grow under CEO Robert Fisher, who retired on January 1 and helped prepare Feindt for this very moment.

When asked recently in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times about the challenges of the transition and following Bob Fisher as CEO, Feindt remarked, “I give a lot of credit to the board. They have been very instrumental in this overall transition, partnering with Bob, thinking about what it might be like when he retires and then how do we prepare for that. I feel like I’ve really had a chance to get to know them, so when January 2 gets here, it won’t be day one for me.”

It’s clear that Feindt truly understands and appreciates everything the organization, our board of directors and especially Fisher have done to help position him for success as he leads Grow into its next chapter.

“First, I’d like to thank Bob Fisher for his 30 years of leadership for our organization, and for me personally, the last nine years that I’ve had a chance to work with, to partner with and to learn from,” Feindt said. “To our Board of Directors, thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in me. I consider it a high honor to be entrusted to lead our organization in our bright future. And to our members, thank you for the continued privilege to serve your financial needs every day.”

As a financial institution, Grow Financial Federal Credit Union grew leaps and bounds from its humble broom closet beginnings under the leadership of Fisher. With Feindt leading the charge, our focus on serving our members’ financial needs every day will not change.

And, although it’s often a challenge to leave what you’ve known for so long and move on to the next phase of your life, Fisher has nothing but optimism for where Feindt will lead Grow.

“He is a member-focused leader who is energetic and highly motivational, and he cares deeply about culture,” Fisher said.

Now it’s time to move forward. “It’s a new year, with new challenges, but our goal remains the same. At Grow Financial, we serve people, not profit,” Feindt concluded.

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