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February 18, 2020

Synapse Summit 2020: Innovation Around Every Corner

Grow Financial is proud to have sponsored the Synapse Florida Summit for the second year in a row. The Synapse Summit 2020 brought together hundreds of businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators to connect around the shared spirit of innovation for the state of Florida. As a company with roots in the Tampa Bay area, we valued the opportunity to connect with other companies with a shared vision for the future of Florida. Chip Caddell, Chief Information Officer at Grow and board member of Synapse Florida remarked, “Synapse is all about the local community helping each other succeed by sharing ideas, resources and information. It’s important to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and the brightest ideas, which enrich the local environment of our state.”

With the latest innovations on display, from technology to a revolution in the orange juice industry—yes, orange juice!—Synapse taught us to remember that even for our simple, everyday things, innovation is around every corner.

This year, the Synapse Summit hosted more than 300 speakers for over 100 educational sessions. Grow leadership and team members participated in networking with other local businesses and attended informative sessions from various presenters, including Jane Castor, Mayor of Tampa, and Sara Blakely, Founder and CEO of Spanx.

Mayor Castor shared optimism for the future of the Tampa Bay area in a discussion about innovative ideas for the region. “We have a very unique, once-in-a-lifetime chance to create the world-class city that we know Tampa is, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of that,” she stated. “What sets us apart?” Castor continued, “We want the best and brightest to look to Tampa as the place to be.” Attracting top talent is an area of focus for us at Grow. In 2019, we were recognized both nationally and in the Tampa Bay area as a Top Workplace, known for cultivating leadership, supporting diversity and channeling creativity among our team members. (Looking for new opportunities? Check out our careers page.)

At the final keynote speech of the Summit, entrepreneur Sara Blakely provided clear advice for all attendees, solopreneurs and business leaders alike: “One of the most important assets you have is your mindset. Work on it daily…Find your why.” Blakely reminded us of the transformational power of a positive outlook paired with a dedication to your mission. From the beginning, our mission at Grow has always been simple: we serve people, not profit. And for us, the possibilities are endless when we put people first.

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