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August 12, 2021

Save For Life’s Big Moments with a Club Account

We know you have big financial goals, so odds are you save your money for more than one thing at a time. Like many people, you may have some specific life events on your horizon. Maybe you want to plan ahead for upcoming spending over the holidays, or maybe you’re saving up for a well-deserved vacation, a wedding or another special occasion. We’ve got an account designed to help you reach those important milestones: a Club Account.

All about Club Accounts

You’re undoubtedly familiar with our Basic Savings account, and all Grow members have one to begin their relationship with us. Ready to step up your savings game toward a specific goal? Check out the Club Account, designed with your goals in mind. With a minimum starting deposit of just $5, our Club Account is a popular savings option. You can earn a higher dividend and APY than our Basic Savings as you sock away that cash for your big goal. (Check out current rates.) Plus, the Savings Goals widget in online and mobile banking helps you create and track multiple savings goals within multiple savings accounts, so you can seamlessly integrate the Club Account into your current account lineup.1

Popular ways to use a Club Account:

Christmas Club: Plan ahead for holiday spending to avoid budget woes come December.
College Club: Textbooks, meal plans, office supplies, oh my! Budget for common college expenses, with access to your money when you need it.
Vacation Club: Dream vacation goals? Make them a reality with intentional saving today.

What else can you use a Club Account for? The sky’s the limit! Whatever your savings goal, you can use a Club Account to help you get there. You can even rename your account to match what you have in mind. Call it your Honeymoon Fund, Honey-Do List Fund, or whatever you’d like that motivates you to save! You can even open several Club Accounts for different things.

Ready to get saving?

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