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February 4, 2021

How to Deposit Paper Checks, Including Treasury Checks, Via Grow Mobile Banking or an ATM/ITM

Need to deposit a paper check? Depositing a check is quick and easy with our app or one of our ATM/ITMs. With Grow Mobile Banking, you can use your mobile device to deposit checks to your account.* Learn more about mobile deposit. Plus, if you’re out and about but don’t feel like stopping into a Grow store, you can deposit checks at an ATM/ITM. Locate the nearest ATM/ITM. However you choose to deposit your checks, here are a few tips that will help you minimize any inconvenience or frustration associated with a rejected deposit.

Tips for a successful paper check deposit via Grow Mobile Banking or an ATM/ITM:

  • Endorse your check with your signature.
  • Make sure all parties listed sign the check, otherwise the deposit won’t be accepted. This is especially important for Treasury Checks.
  • Ensure the deposit is made to an account with all parties listed on the check.
  • For mobile deposit, add “Mobile Deposit at Grow” under your endorsement. Be sure to take the photos in a well-lit area on a solid color background.
  • Use clear and legible handwriting.

For most members, the money from check deposits typically posts to your account within two business days (availability can vary depending on the amount of the check being deposited or the account status), with at least $500 posting immediately. We hope these easy paper check deposit options will help you get access to your money at your convenience, whether you’re home or on-the-go.

If you do want to visit a Grow location, our stores are open with standard business hours to serve you in-person. Drive-thru lanes are open, too! Locate the nearest Grow store.

*Additional data charges may apply. Please see your wireless carrier for more information.

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