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February 1, 2024

Say Goodbye to High-Interest Debt With Fee-Free Balance Transfers

Is high-interest debt weighing you down? The average credit card interest rate is 27.84%, according to Forbes Advisor’s weekly credit card rates report.1 If you’re stuck in a debt cycle, it can feel like you’re bailing out a sinking boat with a small bucket — paying just enough to get by but not seeing real progress. We can help you stop sinking and get on the path toward living debt-free.

Consolidate High-Interest Debt

It’s no secret that high interest rates contribute to the burden when it comes to getting out of credit card debt. Take advantage of a special offer on one of our most popular credit cards, the Grow Visa® Preferred Credit Card.2

Don’t miss the introductory APR as low as 1.99% to 4.99% for the first six months. After the introductory rate expires, or if you do not qualify for an introductory rate, enjoy a standard variable APR of 12.24% to 17.99%. Decreasing your interest rate will help you make progress toward reducing debt, especially when combined with an effective debt reduction strategy.

No Balance Transfer Fees

You may think moving balances will be costly, and some credit card companies and financial institutions charge additional fees to consolidate balances. Not us!

Balance transfers with a Grow Visa Preferred Credit Card are fee-free.

Reduce your high-interest debt immediately by consolidating balances into one monthly payment. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind with Visa Zero Liability Fraud Protection to safeguard you against unauthorized use of your card.

Start tackling high-interest debt with a Grow Visa Preferred Credit Card so you can focus on your dreams, not your debt. Learn more or apply at

Subject to credit approval.
1Forbes Advisor. What Is The Average Credit Card Interest Rate This Week? January 8, 2024. Accessed January 10, 2023.

2Introductory rate as low as 1.99% to 4.99% APR. The introductory rate is effective for the first six billing cycles for purchases and balance transfers. After the introductory period expires, or if you do not qualify for an introductory rate, your standard APR will range between 12.24% and 17.99% for purchases and balance transfers. This is a variable rate. The rate you receive will be based on your creditworthiness. This rate will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal “Money Rates” table on the last day of each calendar month. The APR will not exceed 18.00%. If the minimum monthly payment is 60 days late twice in a twelve-month period, the rate will revert to a default rate of 18.00% for six (6) billing cycles. Other APRs: Cash Advances 18.00%, Overdraft to Share Account 18.00%. A finance charge of 1.00% will be charged on foreign transactions. Rates are effective as of 08/16/2023 and could change without notice. Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

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