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December 12, 2023

Business Member Highlight: Meet Small Batch Creamery

The creativity and entrepreneurship of small business owners consistently bring a smile to our faces, and that’s exactly what Alfred Bronda, owner and operator of Small Batch Creamery, sets out to do each day.

The Story of Small Batch Creamery

“Our mission is to create smiles — one scoop at a time.” Bronda’s passion for sharing joy lights up the room as we set up to film his story amid the bright, carefully curated interior of his artisanal ice cream shop in St. Petersburg, Florida. He happily tells us that the ideal experience for customers visiting his shop involves a friendly greeting, stellar customer service and of course, unforgettably delicious, made-from-scratch ice cream. Relatively new to the ice cream scene, Bronda’s path into the frozen dessert arts may surprise you.

From Printing to Ice Cream
Bronda spent 15 years in printing, with six of those years spent working on nearly 500 live events for World Wrestling Entertainment. When he sold his printing business, he wasn’t interested in retiring. “I wanted to be in a business that was people-focused,” he said. With the idea to open an ice cream shop, the real footwork began.

He visited 165 ice cream shops throughout the southeast and trained with several chefs, including Chris Clarke, author of The Science of Ice Cream and former Unilever Ice Cream Group project leader. Bronda worked with Clarke to develop a unique base for his ice cream, while spending countless hours searching for the perfect location to set up shop. He settled on a spot in St. Petersburg, Florida, opening Small Batch Creamery shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic began. He now serves up creative scoops, cones and milkshakes daily.

Something particularly unique about Small Batch Creamery is its commitment to using only natural food coloring. Bronda enthusiastically shared, “We use turmeric for yellow and orange, red beet juice for red and so on. Customers like that a lot!”

Funky Flavors with a Local Twist
You never know where Bronda’s next great flavor idea may come from, like the Sean Daly Explosion Ice Cream, a delightful combination of vanilla ice cream with chocolate-covered peanuts, mini M&M’s®, flakes of chocolate, mini peanut butter cups, mini cocoa pretzels and pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies. This unique flavor was inspired by the popular ABC Action News personality, Sean Daly, known for his love of and zest for life.

Prefer to keep it classic and simple? You’ll be in good company with Bronda, who confessed, “I’ve always been a chocolate guy.” Small Batch Creamery boasts classic flavors and funky flavors alike, so there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy.

Supporting Local Businesses and the Community
We asked Bronda about small business culture in the local area and what those connections mean to him. He shared, “It helps a lot when you’re a small business to have support from others. I don’t see competition. It’s more like, ‘What can we do for you?’ We have great relationships with our business neighbors — Petal Heaven Florist, Alpha & Omega Salon, and Jay Luigi and Pasghetti Italian restaurants up the road.”

From one local business to another, we’re always encouraged by the networking and reciprocity that takes place within the small business community.

Small Business Banking at Grow
We’re especially grateful for the positive feedback about the culture we try to create at Grow. Bronda said:
“At Grow, the moment you walk in, they welcome you and know what you’re there for. And if you ever have an issue, you go to them, and they’ll work to resolve it for you. When I go to Grow, I can see they’re there to help you and help your business grow. I see the difference.”

Thank you, Alfred, for these kind words and for sharing your story with us!

If you’re local to Tampa Bay, we encourage you to add Small Batch Creamery to your list of spots to check out. Enjoy catching up with family or friends over delicious ice cream!

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