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March 14, 2019

Meet Comics and Stuff

Comics & Stuff is the fulfillment of a life-long dream for owner, Peter Sanders. He’s been an avid comic book reader ever since he convinced his mom to buy him his first three-pack for a long bus trip, and he always dreamed of one day opening his own comic book shop.

Opening a small business may seem the equivalent of an epic superhero versus villain battle to some, but Sanders knew from the outset that it would take a lot to become a small business owner and was prepared.

“It’s a labor of love, you really have to have a passion for it,” Sanders said.

He found local mentors. He sought out small businesses that had failed and those that had succeeded to learn from. He considered businesses both from within and outside the comic book industry. Then, he made his plans, took the leap and hasn’t looked back.

Two years ago, he had finally saved up enough money, had cultivated a supportive community and was ready to launch his business.

You name it, he’s read it. From his first three-pack, to a trunk full, to a room full and ultimately his own shop, Sanders lives and breathes comic books.

And he really wants to get to know what his shop visitors are interested in, too. He truly enjoys sharing the comic world with his customers and it’s important to Sanders to learn what and why his customers are collecting, and make sure he has what they are looking for in his shop.

A driving force behind the shop for Sanders is “to be everything you want to see in a comic book shop.” He is building a local comic community through his shop, regularly introducing collectors and readers with similar interests.

Facing the reality of competition from online comic outlets, Sanders knows those coming to his shop are looking for a unique experience. With his comic knowledge, extensive inventory of new and older comics and subscription services, he is offering just that. During a trip to Comics & Stuff you may find yourself reliving a special memory from childhood, and that makes it all worth it for Sanders.

A key way he keeps his business growing and thriving is his good attitude and finding people who care about the shop as much as he does.

“One day I hope to be surrounded by enough of the right people that I can just be in the shop talking to customers and driving their experience,” Sanders said.

Sanders has found the Tampa Bay area to be very receptive to small business and entrepreneurship. With his can-do attitude and love of comic books, he has already outgrown his first location and moved into the shop where he is today. The larger location allows him to offer a greater variety of books and collectibles at a range of prices.

Looking for your one-stop comic book shop? Look no further than Comics & Stuff. Check out the Peddlers of Picture Books at their Tampa location.

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