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December 9, 2019

Meet Kodawari Studios

Sometimes you’re new to town and trying to find your place, and just can’t find what you’re looking for, so you build it yourself. That’s exactly what our friend and member, Annette Scott, did when she founded Kodawari Studios in Tampa.

“I prefer founder over owner, because for me, I found the right place to do the work that I believe I’m here to do, which is to create community and to connect people and to create a space where people can be safe to express their authentic being in a way that’s loving, kind and healthy,” Scott said.

At the heart of Kodawari Studios is a desire to fulfill their mission: Community and connection. Healing that inspires wholeness. Empowering each other to share knowledge that creates inner evolution and outer revolution.

“Our culture tends toward two very divergent threads, convenience and connection. I’m a fan of connections and for me, sustainably healthy life comes from human connections. That’s why I built a space that has multiple practitioners that can work in a synergistic environment and I feel that’s how not only do we get better singularly, but we get better together,” Scott said.

When Scott decided to start her business, it was very important that she create a business founded on the ideas of living locally, choosing local businesses and supporting local people, essentially connections, and Grow Financial is where she chose to get her financial needs met.

“When I walk into the credit union, I’m actually recognized, people know my name, and I get a level of service that’s more about the person-to-person connection, and for me that’s the meat of life,” Scott shared.

Primarily known as a yoga studio, Kodawari also offers a range of services including chiropractic, acupuncture, aesthetics, bodywork, energy work, floating and an infrared sauna, all in support of their focus on getting you to the healthiest expression of yourself. Their wellness practitioners were hand-picked for their devotion to their craft. They come together from a range of backgrounds and disciplines with passion and creativity to create a diverse collective of expertise.

“We really run the gamut of ways to offer health to people who come to us and it’s our passion,” Scott said.

Their passion for building relationships and desire to help others live their best life runs deep and can even be found in the name Kodawari. The Japanese term roughly translates to “a sincere, unwavering focus on what you are doing, with the intent of making it perfect, while knowing that perfection is impossible and that the work itself is most crucial.”

“It’s about more than simply surviving, it’s about thriving,” Scott shared. “It’s a movement away from the humdrum of making sure you’re earning a paycheck to actually living a robust and vibrant life, and it’s a journey of evolution for us.”

And Scott feels blessed and honored to help everyone who comes to Kodawari on that journey. To get started on your journey, learn more about Kodawari Studios.

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