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August 16, 2022

Grow Mobile Banking App Update: New Look, Better Experience

Our Grow Mobile Banking app just got an upgrade. A cleaner design and simpler navigation make it easier to accomplish your day-to-day mobile banking tasks. Find out what’s new and how to update your app to the latest version below.

What’s new with this app update?

Better account experience – The new look makes accessing account information even easier. Swipe the account for quick action buttons for common tasks.
Simplified navigation – An improved menu at the bottom helps you find what you need. Access key functions with just a few taps.
Improved mobile check deposit – Depositing a check has never been easier. Toggle your view between a redesigned mobile deposit screen or a quick glance at your activity.

How can I make sure the app works on my device?

For the best experience with our app, make sure you’ve updated the app to the newest available version. If you’re already using our app, you can make sure the app is always current by turning on automatic app updates for your device so you’ll have access to the latest features as soon as they’re available.

To find out if your mobile device is compatible, visit Our app supports Android and iOS operating systems up to two versions back. For example, if Android’s newest available operating system is Android 12, we support Android 11 and newer for full functionality. The app may still work on older versions, but some features may not function properly, so we recommend keeping your device’s operating system updated.

Will I need to log back in once I update the app?

When you update the app, you’ll be prompted to log in with your username and password. If you use biometric authentication (fingerprint or Face ID) to log in on your device, you may be asked to reactivate that feature for the app upon your first login, then you’ll be set up to log in going forward.

Where can I get the app?

If you don’t have our mobile app yet, you can download Grow Mobile Banking from the Apple App Store or Google Play now using the buttons below. We know you’ll enjoy the convenience and usability of our latest app update!

Download Grow Mobile Banking
On The Apple App Store
Download Grow Mobile Banking
On Google Play

*Additional data charges may apply. Please see your wireless carrier for more information

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